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Grief and Loss

Are you feeling an overwhelming pain of loss? 
Wondering whether you'll ever feel normal again?

Grief can be about many things:  death...  miscarriage...  divorce... unemployment... moving... and much more.  Loss often causes emotional and physical symptoms, such as deep sadness, shock, disbelief, numbness, lightheadedness, intense emotional outbursts, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety,  physical pain (headaches, stomach ache), and more.   
If you suffer such symptoms for more than two months, they may lead to chronic depression.  People often complain about obsessing or brooding over their loss, not being able to let go.  In fact, the situation may be a little more complicated.  Sudden and unexpected losses are particularly shocking, and you may understandably think you want to let go of those feelings.  But what you may actually need to do is not so much let go than process all the related feelings and come to terms with them.  

With professional help, you can safely explore underlying thoughts and feelings, perhaps unresolved trauma from the past that is coming to the surface, or the pleasant (and possibly unpleasant) parts of the relationship you used to have...  unfinished business...  give the loved one a new place in your heart... realize more and more how loss impacts you in your daily life... understand and accept the finality of death... and adapt to your new life and new self.  For many people, it is possible to re-discover joy and give the loss new place in your life.  I've seen it in myself and in my clients.