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Couple Riding Bikes

Couples and Relationships

​What happened to love and romance?

"Where there is love there is life."
Mahatma Gandhi

It's draining and sad when you end up wondering what happened to a relationship that started with romance and love... when you realize that your relationship or marriage has turned into cold silence or screaming arguments or betrayal.
How can relationship issues be healed?  Perhaps they cannot be.  However, couples therapy can help you both decide whether to stay together or separate -- by communicating with each other in a safe way, finding your voice and being heard, actively listening, understand each other's over-reactions and underlying vulnerabilities, empathizing with each other, negotiating compromises but also accepting that some issues cannot be resolved, rebuilding trust and love  --  or deciding finally to move on.
My role is to create a safe environment for you to learn to listen and speak to each other without blaming and defensiveness.  I intervene, moderate and provide you with concrete communication rules and skills.  Once you and your partner express your views more effectively and feel understood, even when you disagree, you will discover that you are more connected again.